Marty Robbins - The Lost Recordings

Jim Reeves and Friends - Live From Nashville

Catalogue number: CDMT0011

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This thrilling CD debuts 33 previously Unreleased live performances in Nashville by the great Marty Robbins, an electrifying artist whose country, cowboy, rockabilly, blues and crossover pop hits earned him a string of awards and massive sales. These very rare recordings have never been commercially released anywhere until now.

Marty was the first country artist to win a Grammy. His voice was absolutely beautiful, agile and spanned a very wide range — from his glowing lower register to the highest notes he would hit with ease. He could sing a tender ballad or an up-tempo number. He also wrote some tremendous songs, that were even recorded by artists like Elvis.

On this CD you get to hear his personality shine through, in these wonderful tracks that will give you a front-row seat. This legendary performer never sounded better than in this historic collector's CD. There are big hits but also songs you’ve probably never heard Marty sing before, so this is a real treat.
Includes rare photos and fascinating liner notes.



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